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Equallogic Firmware Upgrade Fails With Error Regarding Free Space

I have run in to this situation a few times when upgrading Equallogic firmware. This error means there is not enough space in the directory used for firmware files. This usually means there are troubleshooting files (.dgo) or old firmware files hanging out in this directory. Although the .dgo files are small in size, it could still prevent the update from happening because of needed space.

To remedy the issue, simply ftp in to the IP address of one of the member's network interfaces and list the contents of the directory with the 'ls' command. From here, you will see a list of files in the directory. Firmware update files end in .tgz and if there are older firmware files in there besides the version you are trying to upgrade to, you can simply delete it with the 'del' command, or:

del kit_V4.3.5-R115269_2153195738.tgz (Old firmware update packages)
del SegXX.dgo (Troubleshooting files)

From here, simply try to update again using telnet/ssh or the Group Manager and you should be set. I personally like doing upgrades via ssh, there is a lot more diagnostic output that you see in the CLI vs the Group Manager.

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  1. The actual way to fix this, when there are no files showing in the directory other than the tgz you just uploaded, is to use the CLI update command instead of the GUI update. The CLI procedure will see that there’s a “backup copy” of an old firmware update and will ask if you want to delete it. Backup copies of old firmware updates don’t show in an FTP directory listing – they are stored on a part of the flash memory that’s not available to the FTP service.

    Why the GUI update procedure can’t have a little intelligence built in to do the same thing for you is beyond me, but that’s my answer to the problem. Use the CLI.

  2. Thanks, Jim. I agree totally. When doing updates via the CLI, you also get detailed progress on the update, not just a pretty little percentage bar. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the information I had the same problem and I also agreed with the CLI statement.

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