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Veeam Community Podcast – Episode 19

I recently chatted with Rick Vanover regarding some unique cloud designs. We also discussed some topics around the current status of cloud based deployments, as we see as a cloud computing service provider.

Episode 19 – Cloud computing with iland


Packet Pushers Podcast

Just thought I would take a second to share a great podcast I listen to on a regular basis. This usually happens when I am on my treadmill, I need something to my focus on that dreadful task.

Packet Pushers is run by a few Cisco engineers that have a lot of real world experience. Over the years, they have touched on numerous topics including IPv6, BGP, virtualization, and many more. Personally, I like the tone of the podcast since they bring in experts in different technologies and have a fun time discussing the details of the show at hand.

I suggest anyone interested in networking in general check them out.

Packet Pushers
Packet Pushers iTunes Feed


Video – Using VMware vCloud Connector

A coworker, Jack Bailey, recently made a great video demonstrating VMware's vCloud Connector with iland vCloud Services. The video covers connecting to a vCloud Service Provider from a local (private) vSphere environment and shows the functionality of the product.

vCloud Connector Video


Bitcricket IP Subnet Calculator

For years, I have been using the IP Subnet Calculator dashboard widget for quick IPv4 sanity. Jeremy Williams released this handy tool in 2005, and has been on every Mac I have owned since.

Since IPv6 is becoming more commonplace, I recently started looking for a nice simple calculator for OSX. Low and behold, I ran across Bitcricket's IP Subnet Calculator recently. The Bitcricket calculator is very simple and also contains CIDR and IPv6 functionality. I have been using the calculator for a few weeks now and highly recommend it.

Please note that the Bitcricket calculator works on OSX and Windows.

IP Subnet Calculator Widget
Bitcricket IP Subnet Calculator