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Restarting the Equallogic Group Manager Interface

I have run in to a few occasions over the last couple of years where the Equallogic Group Manager interface stops responding. Usually, the statistics will start to fail or the login page is simply inaccessible.

To remedy this, you can restart the UI, with the following command via the CLI:

eqlinit restart-snap netmgtd

Please note that this does not restart your array, just the management interface.

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  1. Although there is usually no danger in using this command to restart the GUI, be aware that if you have constant issues with the GUI, using this command can compound the issue and make it harder for Dell EqualLogic Technical support in troubleshooting root cause (if needed). It is recommended that this command should only be done if instructed to do so, by Dell EqualLogic Technical Support.

  2. Thank you both.

    I am having this issue right now on the latest firmware. After about a week the GUI starts get slow and there is missing information, it will get so bad I cant see controllers etc. Its like the web server has a memory leak.

    I can telnet into it fine. Since these are new members (4 of them) I rebooted them last week after we had them for a week per EQL 1st level support.

    Now I have a Hyper V cluster running on them with about 12 DEV servers. I dont want to reboot and I was about to clear the GUI with the command…but the advice not to do so is a good. Tomorrow I am calling EQL support….with the knowledge I can clear this if I have to.

  3. We are alos facing the issue GUI slowness in DELL Equallogic storage

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