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Unable to Create or Restart Networks After vCloud Director Upgrade to 1.5

I recently ran in to an issue with a vCloud Director upgrade. After the vCD cells and database were upgraded, I had to upgrade the existing vShield Manager to version 5. The update is simple, you basically provide an upgrade package (in .tgz format) via the VShield Manager UI. From here, the software uploads, installs, reboots, etc. Please note that this process takes a few minutes, the UI is not the best at letting you know exactly what is going on. I simply opened the console to the vShield Manager to watch the progress.

After rebooting, everything seemed okay, but I noticed that when I tried to create new networks or reset existing networks, the process failed. I kept getting the following message in vCD:

Cannot create vShield Edge Device for network: [Unique ID Number].
- edge error: Creating/configuring the VR failed: vShield Edge Device on network: [Unique ID Number] is not ready for initialization after 180 seconds.

After digging around a bit, it seems that even though the vSM upgrade went well, the version change was not recorded in the vCD database. This was confirmed as a bug with VMware Engineering and the workaround is very simple. Simply log in to vCD as an administrator, go to the Manage & Monitor tab, highlight the vCenter server in question, right click, and choose Properties. From there, choose the vShield Manager tab and re-enter only the username that is specified. Once you clear out and re-enter only the username, click OK.

You can see my response on this issue here:

Unable to create or reset networks in vCD 1.5 after upgrade from 1.0

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