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Clearing Equallogic Lost Raid Blocks

When there are issues with a lost block condition on a RAID volume on an Equallogic member, you may receive a "RAIDset lost blocks error" via the Group Manager or via an email/smtp message.

To get more info on the lost block(s), simply ssh in to an IP address of the member with the error and issue the following commands:

su exec 'raidtool'

Look for an error similar to *!! RAID LUN contains 8 lost blocks. !!* in the output:

*!! RAID LUN contains 8 lost blocks. !!*
(raidtool -W 1) clears blocks.
(raidtool -w 1) lists blocks.
14 Drives (14,15,16,46,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27)
RAID 50 (64KB sectPerSU)
Capacity 23,489,351,516,160 bytes

In this example, we see that LUN 1 contains 8 bad blocks. To list the the bad blocks, we will use a -w (followed by LUN number) switch in the raidtool utility and to clear the lost blocks, we will use the -W (followed by LUN number).

List bad blocks:

su exec 'raidtool -w 1'

Clear bad blocks:

su exec 'raidtool -W 1'


Manually Remove vCloud Director Agent From Hosts

I recently ran in to an issue in a lab where I had to manually remove the vCD agent from an ESXi host. The command to manually do this on an ESXi5 host is:

esxcli software vib remove -n vcloud-agent

Note that this is vCloud Director 1.5.