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Cisco Vulnerability – CVE-2016-1287

Recently, Cisco published an advisory highlighting a critical buffer overflow vulnerability that affects the ASA, ASAv, Firepower ASA, and ISA products. This vulnerability is remotely exploitable and the SANS ISC is reporting large spikes in UDP 500 scanning.

The vulnerability affects many different ASA versions and some older 8.x versions are not able to be patched, without doing a major version upgrade. This could be challenging for some organizations since there are numerous operational changes within the ASA firmware and how the ASA deals with NAT, for instance. Fortunately, Stack8 has released a workaround for older versions if an organization cannot upgrade. This also may be a good idea for organizations that need time to plan their upgrade or wait for a change window.

I would urge all organizations to take this vulnerability very seriously and patch as soon as possible. I already see exploits in the wild that can do things like reboot the ASA, download/upload config, and also install an ASA rootkit.

For the technical readers, a full explanation of the vulnerability is here.

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  2. UPDATE – Cisco has released a patch over the weekend to the 8.2 code (8.2.5(59)):

    This update fixes the IKE vulnerability.

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