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Quickly Determine An Equallogic Group Lead

When updating firmware (amongst other things) if you quickly need to check which member in a group is the lead, you can do so with the command:

su exec pm member

Simply ssh in to your group IP address or one of the specific member IP addresses and issue the command. Note that this command will also show you some useful statistics as well.

An example of the output from this command is below:

MEMBER-NAME-HERE [1.1447322343] 0-888888-999999-000000 pssId(4) Talisker(10)
total space : 1476818 pages 21633.08GB RAID-5
free space : 39861 pages 583.90GB (3%)
snap space : 0 pages 0.00MB (0%)
repl space : 9490 pages 139.01GB (1%)
status: (Online GL)

GL-group lead, RV-raid verification, BC-battery charging, RR-raid reconstruction

As you can see, some basic stats on the space is presented. In the "status" line, you also see that the member is online and that it contains "GL", which means it is currently the group lead. Via the legend at the bottom, you can also see that there is a possible GL, RV, BC, and RR status on the member as well.